PST files identified by the PST Flight Deck (FD) Agent do not update the “Last Accessed” date
When performing a PST migration, you may find that the attribute reported for discovered PST files for “Last Accessed Date” does not accurately reflect the actual time the PST file was last accessed. Frequently the “Last Modified Date” will reflect a more current and accurate date representing the point in time the file was last accessed.
It is important to note that the FD agent reports attributes and properties of a file and does not calculate these values independently. Review of these files on the local system will show that a problematic file is also reporting an inaccurate “Last Accessed Date” on the file system. Since this value is what is being reported back to the console, the root cause of this issue is related to the operating system not accurately updating this attribute.
Additional information:
The ability for a Windows operating system to update this attribute can be controlled via the registry. For more information on how to enable an operating system to update this attribute, please refer to the following MSFT article:

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