In many organizations a structure of organizational units will be built, and configuration policies in Nova Delegation & Policy Control can be used across this structure. In this article we’ll see how the processing of those policies takes place.
In this example we’ll use this simple organizational unit structure:

If we create a new policy and apply it to the Main-OU organizational unit we have the option to ‘apply to child OUs’. If we select that option, when the policy is applied at the top level, any child OUs will also be affected by the policy:

In this case OU1, and OU2, will also use the same policy that was applied at the Main-OU level.
If we then create a policy and apply it to OU2, we can override any of the impact from the other policy:

In this case, Main-OU and OU1 will use the original policy, and OU2 will use the new policy.

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