The Migration Agent is able to identify and process duplicate PST files found on the user’s workstations. An operator has several options for handling duplicate files. The settings can be changed through the PST Flight Deck console.


Migration Agent can mark the files as Duplicate Files before upload.
Criteria for Duplicate File status are FileName, Size, and ComputerName.
File with the latest “Last modified date” is used as “original/major” and the rest are marked as Duplicate.
An operator has two options on how to influence the processing of Duplicate Files. 

Resolve Likely Duplicate Files

In Settings > Windows Migration Agent there is a column called Duplicate Files.

When this option is enabled, there can be two scenarios depending on migration type (Popup or Silent)
a) Popup Migration: Original/Major file is marked as “Awaiting user action” the rest is marked as Duplicate File.
Migration Agent on user workstation is only prompted with original/major file in „Awaiting user action“. Files in status Duplicate File are not prompted.
b) Silent Migration:  Original/Major file is marked as “Migrating” the rest is marked as Duplicate File.
All files are uploaded in both scenarios.
Processing of the PST files on PST Flight Deck:
Considered as “Original/Major”  file – MIGRATING (200) – execute all Post-processes as defined in workflow.
Considered files as – Duplicate File (4000) – do Upload, Backup, Post-Processes are skipped, Cleanup, SourceFileRemover.

An example can be seen on the screenshot above:

Delete Duplicates without Uploading

Please be aware that if the user deletes the original of the PST file it is possible that there will be no copy left for upload as Migration Agent deletes all duplicates.
This option is enabled only if the Resolve Likely Duplicate Files is enabled.

After enabling this option all duplicate files won’t upload to the core server but they will be deleted from the user’s workstation without any warning. Only one major file will be processed. This setting can be enabled only if first setting is enabled as well.

The screenshot above shows the progress of a duplicate file. The Migration Agent won’t upload the file, but delete it instead.


If the feature Resolve Likely Duplicate Files is not enabled, files marked as Duplicates will not be uploaded by Migration Agent.

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