When a container mapping is enabled for stage 2, Archive Shuttle performs one last data synchronization before proceeding with the remaining switchover commands.
Sometimes this last synchronization can appear to become stuck in the ‘WaitForImportFinished’ command.
This can be a normal situation, as explained below.
First of all, here is an example of what the stage 2 screen might show:
In the above screenshot we can see that the container mapping is waiting for 3 items to complete the final synchronization. If the mouse is used to move the cursor over the WaitForImportFinished command, and left for a few seconds, a pop-up will appear telling you more about the command status, as shown below:

At this point investigation should take place on the errors. They could be export errors or import issues.  Right clicking on the mapping allows you to go the Stage 1 screen, or the Failed Items screen.
Sometimes the errors will be resolved by the automatic retries. These happen by default, each hour (unless, as shown in the screenshot above ‘retry is not enabled’).
Sometimes the issue will not be resolved, and in order to proceed past this command in the workflow the Failed Item Threshold needs to be set on the mapping. This should only be set after the items have been examined, and investigations concluded with regards to the failure.
Once the Failed Item Threshold is set, the items will be retried until they have failed 10 times in total, and then the stage 2 commands will continue.

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