When a user is licensed for OneDrive for Business, this does not create the backend SharePoint site for them. Instead, OneDrive is provisioned on the first use.
If you go into the admin center, and look at a user that is licensed but is not provisioned, you will see this:
If you are doing a Tenant-To-Tenant Migration, you may need to pre-provision OneDrive for users being migrated.


We’ll use request-spopersonalsite PowerShell command to achieve this.

  1. In order to do this, you will need to install the SharePoint Online Management Shell found here:
  2. Open the SharePoint Online Management Shell.
  3. Your SharePoint online admin URL is your  For example, if my tenant name was johndoe, then my SharePoint URL is
  4. You can either execute the below script line-by-line or save it as a .ps1 file.  Please make the following changes for it to work in your environment
    • Change the $AdminURL to your SPO Admin URL
    • Create a .txt file with a list of all the users that will need to be pre-provisioned.  Just enter them one per line and save this file, no separator needed.  Update the path to this file in $NewODFBUsers parameter below.
$AdminUrl = ""
Connect-SPOService -Url $AdminUrl
$NewODFBUsers = Get-Content -path "C:\Path\NewODFBUsers.txt"
Request-SPOPersonalSite -UserEmails $NewODFBusers
#Tested Apr 26 2020

Note 1: After importing the list, if you want to check it, you can simply type $NewODFBUsers and the console will list all the users stored in the parameter.
Note 2: Depending upon the load on the Office 365 service, this can take up to 24 hours to provision.  This process has been known to have a few outages over the years, so you can also check the service status to see if there are any active issues.

    • Once provisioned, you will see a box like the one below, and be able to change the user’s policy and settings.

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