Journal Commander uses the following Databases:

  • The Journal Commander Directory database. There is just one of these; it hosts all configuration and non-item based metadata.
  • The Journal Commander Item database(s). There is one of these for each source Link (e.g. one per Vault Store). These databases do not have to be on the same SQL Server as the Journal Commander Directory database. Each Item Database can be on a separate SQL Server, if required.

Microsoft SQL Server must be installed and set up before you install Journal Commander. The collation requirement for the SQL Server installation must be case-insensitive, accent-sensitive (CI, AS); case-sensitive and accent-insensitive installations are not supported.
Microsoft SQL Server must be on a dedicated server, either physical or virtual. It is not supported to have it on the same server as the Journal CommanderCore server. It is not supported to have the Microsoft SQL Server shared with any other software, for production use.
Before installing the Journal Commander Core Components, make sure the account that will be used has “dbcreator” rights in Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Server Version

The versions of SQL Server that are supported with Journal Commander can be found here.

Note: Having the latest service pack installed is recommended.

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