Sizing the staging location

The Archive Shuttle Export and Import Modules require a location to store the extracted data. Sizing of this location should be carefully considered.
Consider the following options when sizing the storage area:

  • Local and Network Attached Storage is supported.
  • Modifying the export/import schedules for the required modules can mean that the data to be migrated flows through the storage area with only a small amount being present at any time.
  • Modifying the container mappings and ‘batching’ the migration will also lead to a smaller amount of data residing in the export/import location

Note: Export will stop if the free space on the staging area drops to 20 Gb or lower.
It is recommended to allow for between 50 and 100 Gb per source link. For example, with Enterprise Vault that would be 50 to 100 Gb per source Vault Store. Other sources may vary.
Note: If the migration will send the data to PST files, additional space may be required in the staging area since, by default, temporary PSTs are created in the staging area before they’re moved to the PST Output Path. The temporary location can be changed, or the space needed per source link should be increased to at least double the recommendations above.
The System Health dashboard provides an administrator with an overview of storage and other health parameters which may affect the migration being undertaken. The following information is displayed:

Item Description
Module Health Displays information relating to all modules in the Archive Shuttle environment.
Unmapped Retentions Any retention categories that are not mapped to a target environment are displayed here.
Link Health Detailed information relating to each of the links will be displayed here. The links can be filtered so that only particular types of link are shown (e.g., Enterprise Vault, Exchange)
This part of the dashboard will also show if an Enterprise Vault link is backup mode. This will affect any ingests to that Link (they will be suspended while the link is in backup mode)

Free space on a staging area location is color coded as shown in the following table:

Highlighting Reason
No highlighting Free space is above 100 Gb
Yellow Free space is below 100 Gb
Red Free space is below 50 Gb

In addition, the System Health page gives an overview of any modules which are disabled or otherwise not running. This is shown at the top left of the screen in the Admin Interface.
The Link information at the bottom of the page also highlights the ‘Used’ space on each link. Used space is defined as the amount of data that has been exported, but not yet imported. This too is color coded for ease of identifying a potential problem, as follows:

Highlighting Reason
No highlighting Used space is within normal parameters
Yellow Used space is between 75% and 90% of the maximum allowed
Red Used space is above 90% of the maximum allowed

If the Used Space reaches 100% on a link, exporting of data will be stopped until data has been imported, even if there is still free disk space available on disk. This is further illustrated as follows:

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