This guide describes minimum requirements for Public Folder Exporter on an existing Symantec Enterprise Vault environment. It describes:

  • How to prepare for installation
  • Public Folder Exporter Application Server requirements
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server requirements

Preparing for Installation

To successfully deploy Public Folder Exporter, you should understand a number of components of the product, Enterprise Vault, and SQL Server. The following information serves as a checklist for the information that will be required:

Item Information
Configuration details of the Public Folder Exporter Application Server? If this is on an EV server record ‘On EV Server’.
Connection detail for the Public Folder Exporter Application Server? If this is on an EV server record the name and connection details.
SQL Server connection details for the location of the Public Folder Exporter database
Enterprise Vault service account details
Location of Public Folder Exporter binaries and license file
Location on disk where Public Folder Exporter will be installed
Exchange Servers which will be used to connect to the Public Folders  
List of Public Folders that the Public Folder Exporter is going to work on  

Public Folder Exporter Application Server requirements

Note: In many environments Public Folder Exporter can be installed on an Enterprise Vault server, provided it meets the specification below.
For enterprise installations, Public Folder Exporter should be installed on a separate server to fit infrastructure and the performance needs.
Recommended specifications are below.


  • Dual-Core Server, 4 GB RAM minimum. Can be a virtual machine.


  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1 or later
  • Enterprise Vault API Runtime – (Matching or higher than the Enterprise Vault version)
  • Office 2007 SP 3 (In addition, Outlook needs to have been opened once, and a profile created.)

Permission Requirements

  • Enterprise Vault Service Account needs to be local administrator on the Public Folder Exporter Application Server

Symantec Enterprise Vault Requirements

  • There are no specific requirements for Enterprise Vault for using the Public Folder Exporter


The following versions of Symantec Enterprise Vault are supported:

Version Export To Disk Export back to Public Folder
Enterprise Vault 6.0 Not Supported Not Supported
Enterprise Vault 7.0 Supported Supported
Enterprise Vault 2007 Supported Supported
Enterprise Vault 8.0 Supported Supported
Enterprise Vault 9.0 Supported Supported
Enterprise Vault 10.0 Supported Supported
Enterprise Vault 11.0 Pending Pending
Enterprise Vault 12.0 Pending Pending
Enterprise Vault 12.1 Pending Pending
Enterprise Vault 12.2 Pending Pending
Enterprise Vault 12.3 Pending Pending
Enterprise Vault 12.4 Pending Pending

Note: Using the latest service pack is recommended.

Microsoft SQL Server Requirements

Public Folder Exporter stores configuration and replication information in a SQL database. For small environments this can be on the same SQL Server as the Enterprise Vault Directory Database (or Vault Store databases).

Disk Space

It is recommended to allow the following amount of space for the Public Folder Exporter database:

  • Database: 5 GB
  • Log: 500 Mb

Note: Configuring best practice SQL Server maintenance plans and regularly backup the Public Folder Exporter database is recommended.


The following versions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported:

Version Supported?
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Not Supported
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Supported
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Supported
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Supported
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Pending
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Pending
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Pending

Where appropriate, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of SQL are supported.

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