This article explains how to install Public Folder Exporter on to a target server. This can be an application server solely for running Public Folder Exporter. Or, if the environment where Public Folder Exporter is being deployed is small, it can be an existing Enterprise Vault server.


It is essential to have a working knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating Systems used in the deployment
  • Enterprise Vault
  • How Enterprise Vault is deployed in the environment
  • Where to restore data
  • The location of Public Folder data within the Exchange environment


Installation of Public Folder Exporter is a simple and driven by a wizard. For the minimum and recommended requirements for Public Folder Exporter, see the Public Folder Exporter Requirements.

Starting the Installation

Start the installation of Public Folder Exporter by running the MSI. In the first part of the wizard, you’ll see a list of components that will be installed, along with the installation path. These can be changed, if needed.

Providing Vault Service Account Credentials

The wizard requires the Enterprise Vault Service Account credentials.

SQL Database for Public Folder Exporter Data

Public Folder Exporter requires a SQL Server database to be created to store configuration information.

Export and Temporary File Locations

Public Folder Exporter can be used to export Exchange Public Folder data to disk, and requires the use of a temporary folder for working files. These are specified during installation.

License file

The installation wizard requires the license file that was provided with the Public Folder Exporter product.

Software Installation

After entering all required information in to the wizard, the installation begins, including the creation of the required SQL database.


After a few minutes the installation should complete successfully.

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