Nova gives you the potential to review data from many different data sources, and to combine them into reports. In the user interface, the individual data sources are organized into these groups:

Data Source Category Description
Adoption Accelerator This includes data related to Nova Adoption Accelerator campaigns.
Alert Data
Audit Data This is audit data relating to Office 365.
Beacon Data
Beacon Log Data
Exchange Data This is data relating to your Exchange environment, including data sources for Mailboxes and user activity.
License Data This is data for your license management in your environment.
Mobile Data This includes data for mobile usage, including devices used by your users and applications downloaded.
Office 365 Data This is data in relation to your Office 365 environment, including Azure groups and members, as well as subscriptions.
OneDrive Data This is data about your OneDrive environment.
Organization Data
Other This includes data about licenses and the System Lookup Service Status.
SharePoint Data This is data about your SharePoint environment.
Skype For Business Data This is data about your Skype for Business environment.
Teams Data This is data about your Teams environment.
Test Result Log Data
Workload Data
Workload Log Data
Yammer Data This is data about your Yammer environment.
User Data This includes Office 365 user-related data. For example, display names, job titles, location, etc. Here’s an example of a report containing Office 365 user data.

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