Mailbox Shuttle completes mailbox move into Exchange online but the end user is receiving emails on both on-premise and online mailbox.
Mapping status in Mailbox Shuttle is “Completed with Warnings” with the message “Warning: The mailbox was already moved but failed to update the job state during the final stages of the move. It is possible that the source mailbox could still be alive since post move cleanup operations were deliberately not executed.”


  1. Populate the targetAddress attribute on user on-prem AD Account to point to his onmicrosoft.com email address. The format should be SMTP:user.email@tenant.mail.onmicrosoft.com. This will ensure that all new incoming mails for this user are directed to his cloud mailbox.
  2. Export user on-prem mailbox to pst.
  3. Disable user on-prem mailbox.
  4. Run the command to Enable-RemoteMailbox -RemoteRoutingAddress “user.email@tenant.mail.onmicrosoft.com”
  5. Verify if the following attributes on user on-prem AD account have been updated. If they have not been updated, please update them.
    • HomeMDB, homeMTA, msExchHomeServerName must be blank.
    • msExchangeVersion, msExchRecipientDisplayType, msExchRecipientTypeDetails and msExchRemoteREcipientType attributes of the AD account should match those of a user that successfully switched.
  6. Import the user’s pst into the cloud mailbox.
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