The command Office365SyncDeletedUsers supports users who leave the organization and have their accounts unlicensed or deleted while a Journal Commander migration is occurring.

The command Office365SyncDeletedUsers (ID 1126) is executed every day by default. It is executed by the Office 365 Import module.

On demand it can be executed by running PS command:

Start-ASCommand -Command 1126

Or via Archive Shuttle directory database by running SQL queury:

Update CommandIntervalExecutionStatus set ExecuteNow=1 where commandId=1126

When the command is executed, there is 1 PS command send for each mailbox, what can be seen in Office 365 Import module TRACE log.

We are aware of possible performance degradation, especially in an environment with xxk Office365 mailboxes, as we have no other possibility to get info from Office365 about removed and deleted users as we are using now.

If execution of the command is causing performance degradation, the command can be disabled or set with longer interval. It’s especially recommended that you disable it if you’re not running Journal Commander migrations.

This can be done by running the SQL query below on Archive Shuttle directory database:

UPDATE CommandInterval SET CommandIntervalTypeId = 7 WHERE CommandId IN (‘1126’)

CommandIntervalTypeId Name
1 Second
2 Minute
3 Hour
4 Day
5 Week
6 Month
7 Year
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