Office 365 throttles / limits traffic and data in many ways, this article explains some of the ways that Archive Shuttle copes with this.
Office 365 limits traffic in terms of:
– Size of items that can be ingested / added to a mailbox
– Bandwidth used by an account
– Number of simultaneous connections that can be made to Office 365
– Throughput of data in an account
It is worth remembering that throttling in this manner is per account.
What this means is that if there are multiple Office 365 service accounts (global administrator + application impersonation role) then they can share the ingest load between them. By default Archive Shuttle migrates into 5 mailboxes at the same time, therefore five service accounts are recommended. The accounts are used in a round-robin fashion, so, more service accounts will actually be better.
The Office 365 Module logs a line of trace during the startup of the module which indicates the desired minimum number of service accounts.
If the number of service accounts is to be increased, perform the following steps:
– Setup the additional accounts in Office 365 (Global Administrator + Application Impersonation)
– Update the module credentials (using the Archive Shuttle Credentials Editor)
– Restart the module
– Verify the correct number of accounts is shown in the module log file
Note: If you want to add / change credentials for O365 ingest account, you must be logged in as the Local service account under which the Services (particularly O365 module) runs.

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