In the sections below you’ll find information about new features and fixes that have been added.

Monday August 24th 2020

Logo / Custom branding A company specific logo can be uploaded to Nova, and it will be added to all reports which are generated.
More date filtering We’ve added the ability to do quarter to date, and year to date when building reports.  See more information here.

Monday July 6th 2020

Recent Activity in User Profile There is now a list of all the recent major activity undertaken by the user in the user profile. User Profiles now allow you to see all the recent activities of a given user.
Improved Monitoring Dashboard New visuals help focus on particular areas of concern. 

Beacons now have an improved visual style that better highlights issues and allow administrations to quickly determine where problems are occurring,

Filtering and sorting in Contact Center Ability to filter and sort within the Contact Center. Find the contact information you are looking for faster and more efficiently with the new filter and sorting options in Contact Center.
DPC: Allow Teams Filtering for Archived Teams Added the ability to filter out Archived Teams from the Teams View. This allows customers to remove archived teams which are most likely not required to see as part of their daily administration tasks.
Public and Private Sections in Custom Reports There are now separate sections in Custom Reports for Private and Public Reports. Keep your own reports managed and quickly see what reports have been shared in your organization. This improves visibility in particular of Public Reports.
Meetings Created and Meetings Interacted are now available 
Understand how your users are using meetings by seeing how many meetings they are creating and how many they interact with.

Friday 19th June 2020

Subscription overview A new visual approach to how you can determine your license structure and usage around subscribed licenses. ​Part of a series of improvements to help visualize license usage and do deeper analysis on license adoption and pricing scenarios

Friday 12th June 2020

Set your currency symbol Report Designers and License Managers can now set the currency symbol to use in reports. Make Reports reflect the currency of your choice and are easier to understand in the context of your organization
Saving a report as you’re building and editing sections ​Improves the flow of report creation and ensures you can keep working and save your data when making and creating advanced reports
New Adoption Accelerator Report format ​New UI for Adoption Accelerator Report which aims to highlight important data points. Spend less time looking for important information in this crucial report
SharePoint tab in user profile Much like the other workloads there is now a SharePoint specific overview tab in user profile. Get a sense of the SharePoint patterns of a user to better understand how you can aid them​

Friday 5th June 2020

New report menu structure A new report menu structure has been introduced which makes it easier to find reports and is less crowded. You’ll also be able to see which reports you worked on recently.

Friday 29th May 2020

Report and Section descriptions You can now set a description for a report and for individual report sections. Allows report designers to better describe and put context to the reports that they create.
Report Designer renamed to Report Center The section in the UI has been renamed to better reflect what it does.
Service Status Widget and page Helps administrators understand if there are any existing service issues with Office 365.
Report sections render individually When a report is opened which contains many sections, users will see a performance improvement because the individual sections are rendered as the data is read from the system.
New data sources There are new data sources for Azure AD Users, Licenses Data and Contacts.

Thursday 21st May 2020

New view for mailbox statistics. The ‘Mail’ tab in a users profile has been updated and this gives an administrator better ability to understand mail usage for a particular user.
Enforce naming standard for Teams Gives organisations the ability to control naming conventions for Microsoft Teams; keeping them better managed.
On-premise agent auto update Reduces workload of administrators and ensures new versions are agent are available
Group based licensing Allows license administrators to create policies based on groups; simplifying license assignment.
Attribute based configuration policies Enhances configuration policies so that attributes can be used to define who is covered by the policy.

Monday 4th May 2020

Viewing extra columns in large tables If a table has too many columns to fit in the current browser, an option to view those extra columns is available.

Monday 27th April 2020

ProPlus reports renamed Microsoft has renamed ProPlus to Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, so we’ve renamed all of the associated reports in Nova.

Monday 20th April 2020

Product Activations data source is now available that shows current status of Windows Office Installations This gives you the ability to report on product activations such as ProPlus, by platform
Updates to built-in reports Improvements for performance and simplicity as well as new reports to help license managers see product activations
Teams data source A new Microsoft Teams data source to give team-level data gives the ability to report on team size, settings and other data points

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