An important consideration when migrating leaver archives with Archive Shuttle is the naming convention (or naming standard) to use for the mailboxes which Archive Shuttle will create.

The above screenshot shows where the configuration / selection is made in Archive Shuttle.

There are many tokens that can be used to help form the name such as:

  • Archive ID
  • Archive Name
  • Container Mapping iD, and more.

The thing to remember here is that you do not want any overlap or collision with existing names in the target.

So if you simply select ‘archive name’, problems will be encountered when someone exists and a leaver has the same name. For example if there is already an active mailbox owned by John Smith, and Archive Shuttle tries to process a lever called John Smith.

Ultimately you design the naming scheme so that it is unique. Often customers will prefix the name by something. This way they’ll all appear in the directory in the same sort of place (compared with postfixing a token). So for example some people might choose:


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