Archive Shuttle is not natively supporting synchronization of Linked mailboxes from Resource domain with Exchange primary on-prem mailbox and Secondary O365 online archive with users enabled in Master domain.

1. Both the resource and master domain need to be added to Archive Shuttle.

2. In the Resource domain, there must be enabled setting in the local AD configuration file “IgnoremsExchangeMasterAccountSid” (default value False, set it to True)

3. When the Master domain is scanned, all the user info is gathered.  When the Resource domain is scanned the Exchange on-prem mailbox is linked to the user using msExchMasterAccountSID field and the Master user’s SID (if msExchMasterAccountSID is equal to Resource user SID mbx will be assigned to Resource user).
In order to add both the Master and Resource domain, the AD Collector module will need to be installed in both domains, and the domains will have to be enabled for ‘sync’ in the Archive Shuttle Admin Interface.

4. In Office 365 module set domain in setting “Preferred domain for ambiguous user match results” to which the O365 mailboxes will be synchronized otherwise O365 synchronization will fail as there are users from the Master and Resource domain collected. The preferred domain should be the Resource domain where Exchange on-prem primary mailbox exists. Take domain from UserPrincipalName column stored in User table (with or without “@” character).


Now you have 2 options on how to proceed further:

1. source container like EV is assigned to Master domain user, Exchange on-prem to Resource user and target O365 mailbox to the Resource user
• go to Manual mapping page and create mappings there or get source and target containers ids and use AS PS to create mappings on the fly as because of EV and O365 are assigned to different users Bulkmapping page cannot be used

2. source container like EV is assigned to Master domain with the user, Exchange on-prem to Resource user and target O365 mailbox to the Master user
• disable auto enabling Stage2
• Bulkmapping page can be used to create mappings as source EV owner is same as O365 mbx owner
• before or during Stage2 on-prem mbx commands, O365 mbx must be re-assigned to Resource user to point to on-prem mbx otherwise there will be error “target mailbox not found” for all on-prem commands like RevertPendingShortcuts or DeleteShortcuts in on-prem mailboxes

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