This section of the document will outline the steps that are necessary in order to complete the migration of an archive shared amongst a group of users. The migration will be from one Enterprise Vault environment to another.
In Enterprise Vault, this may simply be a regular mailbox archive so that is maintains the structure from the mailbox where the data comes from. The mailbox itself will ultimately have one true owner in Active Directory, but a number of other users and/or groups may also have access to both the mailbox and the archive.

Capture Permissions on the Source

There a number of ways in which the permissions can be shown for an archive, including the following:

  • Open the properties of the archive in the Vault Administration Console, and check the entries on the permissions tab
  • Use a script similar to the one provided on the Symantec Connect web site:

Build an EVPM file

From the list of permissions on the source archive an EVPM file should be built. There are details about the way to use EVPM in the Enterprise Vault Utilities Guide. At a high level the steps are:

  • Directory section should contain information about the Enterprise Vault Directory computer and Enterprise Vault site name.
  • A section should be added called ‘ArchivePermissions’
  • The Archive Name property should be added to this section with the name of the archive.
  • The Grant Access property should be added to this section with a list of people to grant access to the archive. This should be listed one per line.

Perform the Migration

The migration of the archive/container can then be performed. Particular care should be taken in relation to migrating these types of archives/containers because the migration has an impact on a number of people.

Apply the EVPM file

Following the successful migration of the Shared Mailbox / Archive, the EVPM file that was created previously should be run to grant permissions on to the target/new archive.

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