Microsoft throttles ingestion into Office 365 mailboxes and Personal Archives which can lead to a slow ingestion rate with Archive Shuttle or PST Flight Deck. This article explains some parameters that can be changed by Microsoft on request to improve the performance.


For customers with over 1000 accounts, the customer can create a ticket with Microsoft Support, to make an EWS throttling change.
In addition, the following can be requested to be changed which are not changed by default:
EwsMaxConcurrency 27
EwsCostThreshHold 50
EwsMaxBurst Unlimited
EwsRechargeRate Unlimited
EwsCutoffBalance Unlimited
EwsMaxSubscriptions 20
RcaMaxConcurrency 40
RcaMaxBurst 150000
RcaRechargeRate 900000
RcaCutoffBalance Unlimited
CpaMaxConcurrency 20
CpaMaxBurst Unlimited
CpaRechargeRate Unlimited
CpaCutoffBalance Unlimited
MessageRateLimit 30
RecipientRateLimit 10000
If problems arise during the running of the Office 365 Leavers process in Archive Shuttle, the following can also be raised.
PowerShellMaxConcurrency 20
PowerShellMaxBurst 900000
PowerShellRechargeRate 2520000
PowerShellCutoffBalance 3000000
PowerShellMaxTenantConcurrency 100
PowerShellMaxOperations 400
PowerShellMaxCmdletsTimePeriod 5
ExchangeMaxCmdlets 200
PowerShellMaxCmdletQueueDepth 100
PowerShellMaxDestructiveCmdlets 120
PowerShellMaxDestructiveCmdletsTimePeriod 60
PowerShellMaxCmdlets 400
PowerShellMaxRunspaces 20
PowerShellMaxTenantRunspaces 200
PowerShellMaxRunspacesTimePeriod 60
This Microsoft article helps understand what the settings in the policy mean.

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