When merge leavers is selected a new pop up appears with the selected leavers:

You can choose one target Preview SMTP Address which will be used as the target mailbox.

This target address will be shown next to ‘Target SMTP Address’ and it can not be edited. The Merge button will confirm the selected address and leavers will be marked as ‘Has Owner’ with the target address shown in the Preview SMTP Address.

There is also an ‘Enable for Import’ checkbox which will automatically mark merged leavers as ‘Enabled for Import’ and import will start.

Automatic merge by preview can also be configured by editing the System Configuration page:

Automatic MergeByPreview functionality is disabled by default.

The batch size is by default set to 250. This means that 250 journal transformation groups will be processed in one run. If the value is set to 0 then this functionality is disabled and all groups which are suitable for merge by preview, will be automatically merged by preview. Note: This value can only be set or changed based on advice from the Customer Experience Team

Conditions to be met for Automatic Merge By Preview:

  • Preview user has to exist
  • Target address has to be valid
  • Stage2 cannot be finished

Automatically merging can reduce the amount of time spent managing a journal migration. The merging is done by a scheduled task.

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