In Archive Shuttle 9.8 and later you can collect retention tags from Office 365 and map/apply them in a migration where Enterprise Vault is used as the source, and Office 365 is used as a target.
By default the collection of retention tags is disabled. If you want to make use of this new feature, then the option in System Settings needs to be enabled:

When this is enabled, retention tags will be collected by the Office 365 module.
Retention category mapping can then be performed. The user interface has been extended to allow the mapping between Enterprise Vault retention category and Office 365 retention tag.

During a migration, items will be ingested into Office and two additional attributes will be set / populated:

  • PR_POLICY_TAG (GUID of the retention tag)
  • PR_RETENTION_PERIOD (Age limit for retention)

PowerShell commands have also been extended to allow for this mapping to process to be performed.
Note: If an item is exported, and there is no retention mapping for it, the item will not ingest.

There is now the ability to bind Enterprise Vault retention categories with the Office 365 Compliance Retention labels. When the feature is active, PR_POLICY_TAG and PR_RETENTION_PERIOD properties are put into messages properties. This works only with AIP as an ingest protocol. The validation on the existing retention mapping is processed; if this doesn’t exist, the ingest is not processed (items are exported only). In the case when Enterprise Vault archive contains items with more retention categories (in case when PST file was imported into archive under another RC as is orgin of the EV archive) and only one 1 RC mapping exists, then these items will ingested and stamped with the O365 Compliance Retention label.

This is reflected in the UI below:

EV Retention Mappings screen:

Mapping health page has been updated to handle with this missing retention mapping for Office 365.

Archive Shuttle collects ALL retention labels, published or unpublished.

  • Published labels are visible via Outlook -> Assign Policy.
  • Unpublished are hidden for users via Outlook.

In Office 365:

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