When using the Mapping Archiving feature, item data associated with finished mappings is moved from active tables to a backup database (the Cargo Bay). This reduces the number of records in active tables, thus improving performance when you’re interacting with active item data.

Enable Mapping Archiving (Cargo Bay)


Before enabling Cargo Bay, you need to install SQL Server Integration Services 14.0 on the core machine. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the SQL Server 2017 installer (Enterprise or Developer).
  2. Run the setup.exe file.
  3. Click Installation > New SQL Server stand-alone installation (shown below).
  4. In the ‘Feature Selection’ area, select ‘Integration Services’ and click ‘Next’.
  5. In the ‘Server Configuration’ section, select ‘Manual’ from the ‘Startup Type’ field.
  6. Finish the installation and then restart IIS.

Once the prerequisites have been installed, execute the following SQL statement on the Archive Shuttle Directory database. If the migration environment is using Archive Shuttle Cloud, contact the Customer Experience Team

Update SettingDefinition
set DefaultValueNumeric = 1 WHERE Name = 'EnableCargoBay'

Enabling for a small number of mappings

It is possible to enable archiving on just a selection of the mappings.  This can be done by selecting the mappings and clicking the button ‘Enable Mapping Archiving’. This is available on the following screens:

  • Existing mapping screen (on the ‘Main’ tab)
  • Stage 1 screen (on the ‘Actions’ tab)
  • Stage 2 screen (on the ‘Mapping Archiving’ tab)

Mapping Archiving statuses and notifications

The following statuses might be seen against a mapping:

Status Description
NotStarted Archiving not started or mapping not eligible for archiving
Running Archiving in progress
Failed Archiving is failed
Finished Archiving finishes successfully
ArchivingForced Archiving of mapping is forced
ArchivingDisabled Archiving of mapping is disabled
ArchivingDisabledAutomatically Archiving of mapping is automatically disabled due to failed item detection
Finished with Warnings Archiving finished successfully, but with warnings because empty tables were not deleted
Cancelled Archiving cancelled

The following notifications might be seen when performing enablement or disablement of mapping archiving:

Action Notification
Enable Mapping(s) successfully enabled for archiving
Enable Mapping(s) cannot be enabled for archiving
Enable Mapping(s) already enabled for archiving
Enable Not all mappings were enabled for archiving. See logs for more details.
Disable Mapping(s) successfully disabled for archiving
Disable Mapping(s) cannot be disabled for archiving
Disable Mapping(s) already disabled for archiving
Disable Not all mappings were disabled for archiving. See logs for more details.
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