PST Flight Deck (FD) includes an agent with a powerful scanning engine to detect user PST files wherever a user places them. Although PST files are frequently shared on local disks, these files will sometimes be stored on a user’s home drive or other resource mapped to their user profile. The following article describes how to ensure these locations are being scanned by the application.
Although a mapped drive like a home drive may present to a user like a local resource, it is not and FD is aware of this. In the default configuration, only local disks are scanned. This default configuration will exclude any network mapped resources such as a user’s home drive.
To review or modify these settings, launch the FD Admin Console and browse to “Settings > Migration Agent > File Scanner” as shown below:

For more information on Scan Location configuration, please review the subsection titled “File Scanner” under the “Migration Agent” heading of the FD Admin guide.

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