The Mailbox Hold Configuration report lists all of the mailboxes within your company that are either on Litigation Hold or In-Place Hold.
When a mailbox is placed on In-Place Hold it will hold certain mailbox data for a specified period based on policies created by your Compliance Officers. Litigation Hold only allows you to place all items on hold.
The pie chart at the top of this report shows the split between mailboxes that are either on Litigation Hold, In-Place hold or mailboxes not on any hold.

By default all mailboxes are shown when the report is first run. You can show only one type of hold by selecting one of the hold types just beneath the pie chart.
By selecting Litigation Hold you will see in the table the mailboxes on Hold, the User Principal Name (UPN) associated with the mailbox, the date the mailbox was placed on hold and the name of the owner that hold status.
If you were to select In-Place hold then the table will show just the User Principal Name of the mailbox on hold.

You have the option to add filters to this report if you wanted to selectively find users from a particular team, location group of your choice.
The information in this report can also be customized, filtered and scheduled like all our other reports.

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