Mappings can fail to sync target container for archive migration mainly if target container for archive migration is an Online Archive (Office 365 Secondary Mailbox).
It can take some time for Microsoft to provision archive mailbox for each user which may lead to sync timeout error in Stage 3, that might be seen as a failure of workflow step ASSyncUser.


  1. Add “PauseIntegration” step into the Mailbox Shuttle workflow – this will pause integration for X minutes which may resolve issues with sync timeouts by giving Microsoft more time to provision Online Archive
  2. Check if the user has Online Archive already provisioned and retry workflow step ASSyncUser in Stage 3.
  3. Try to sync Office 365 environment from Archive Shuttle and check manually for Online Archive per user. If Online archive exists in Archive Shuttle and step 2 is still not working, please contact support@quadrotech-it.com
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