The following is a list of the migration statuses in Mailbox Shuttle with the associated description.
Queued – The mapping has been put into the Mailbox Shuttle system Queue and is waiting to be picked up by the module. Then it will be picked up by the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication Service. (MRS)
Not Started – The mapping has been created. The move request has not been created.
In Progress – Mailbox is being moved.
Ready for Switch – Synchronization finished successfully. SuspendWhenReadyToComplete flag was set on the move request and the mailbox auto suspended at 95%. The mailbox is awaiting manual or scheduled switch command.
Completion In Progress – The last sync with the old mailbox is performed before the new mailbox is marked as active.
Synced – The migration process successfully provisioned the Exchange Online mailbox and completed the initial synchronization where all mailbox items were copied to the cloud mailbox. This indicates that the SuspendWhenReadyToComplete and AutoComplete flags were not set on the move request. The migration batch will need to be manually completed.
Completed – The migration has been completed.
Completed with Warning – The migration has been completed with at least one warning.
Suspended – The move request has been suspended
Failed – The move request has failed, which can happen due to permanent failure exception or retryable exception. Retryable exceptions will allow you to retry the move request after the exception is cleared. A permanent failure will require that the move request is removed and the migration is retried.

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