This article describes the item and user level metadata that is stored in the Mailbox Shuttle databases.


Knowing the metadata which is stored by Mailbox Shuttle can help with security/legal audits particularly in regions where identifiable, personal data cannot leave that region.
Mailbox Shuttle only stores user data and information on the Exchange servers.
The data stored allows the product to perform analytics and execute proper commands including custom post-scripts.
The following user information is stored in the database:

  • First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Email Address, Address, UPN, and Title of each user (from Active Directory)
  • The User SID, Mailbox GUID, SAM Account Name, HomeMDB
  • The Domain and AD Container where the user object is located
  • Mailbox Quota and Utilization Information

The following Exchange Infrastructure information is stored in the database:

  • Accepted Domains
  • Exchange Servers and Databases
  • Migration End Points
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