Radar Reporting’s Mail Traffic Overview report shows you the size and number of emails that are flowing in and out of your Office 365 Environment over a particular time period, as well as what types of emails they are (Inbound, Outbound, Spam, Malware etc)


Items and Size
Switch between showing the number of emails and the size in MB by selecting the option below the chart.

Modifying the Chart
The Chart Selection Tool on the right hand side below the graph allows you to change the way that this data is displayed.
Clicking the Column or Line chart buttons will show the information on a day by day basis where as the pie chart shows a combined total.

Clicking the different series items in the Chart legend allows you to change which pieces of information are displayed on the chart itself.

Changing the date period of the report
When you first click on the Mail Traffic Overview report it will show you the last 30 days worth of information. You can change this time period using the Date Selection tool as pictured below


The Data Table
The data table below the graph will show you detailed information about the number of email messages on a day by day basis, or if the size option is selected it will show the amount in MB.

Naturally this report can be customized, filtered and scheduled like all our other reports.

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