The Mail Traffic by User report shows you how much email your Office 365 users are sending and receiving over a given time period.
This report can be filtered, allowing you to generate bespoke reports about the senders or receivers in a particular Department, Country or any other category you choose.

By default, the report will show you an overview of the mail sent and received over the past 7 days.
You can change the time period using the date selection tool above the graph. Select whether to show number of emails (items) or size in MB through the button to the bottom left of the chart.
Note: As we collect data every day for the previous 24 hours, data will be only available for the length of time you have been a Radar for Office 365 customer.  For example, if you started using the reporting application 30 days ago you will have access to 30 days worth of data.  This time period will increase the longer you use the product.

Changing the Graph Type
You can use the graph selection buttons on the right hand side below the chart to change the type of graph displayed.
The three options available are:

  • Pie Chart Overview
  • Column Chart showing a Day by Day Mail Traffic breakdown
  • Line Chart showing a Day by Day Mail Traffic breakdown

Reporting on a single user
You can click the name of a recipient in the data table to view information for just that user on a day by day basis.

The Data Table
The data table for this report shows you the number of messages sent and received by every mail user in your organization during the period specified.

This report can naturally be customized, filtered, emailed and scheduled like all our other reports.

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