A wrong setup of Config Interval can lead to loss of service caused by too many connections.

In version 7.1 of PST Flight Deck, there’s a new setting for the Migration Agent called Config Interval. This setting controls how often the Migration Agent checks for configuration information.

If this number is set to 0 and the environment is fairly large, this could lead to some sort of “DenialOfService” situation. This is demonstrated by IIS replying with a 503 Service Unavailable error.
This problem can be also identified in IIS logs by multiple occurrences of 503 Service Unavailable errors.

As all Migration Agents are trying to get new configuration information, normal operations of PST Flight Deck are crippled.

This has been observed after upgrading from a previous version to 7.1, when the value was left at 0 and not set by an operator.


Set the value of Config Interval to a value other than 0.
A recommended value for a production environment is more than 30 minutes.

In large environments (more than 2000 agents installed) minimum recommended “Polling Interval” is 420 minutes.

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