Local upload is one of the PST Flight Deck’s post-process modules.
This module checks if the PST file is present on the “main” BITS uploads location or not.
When the local upload module processes a particular PST file:

  • Once the PST file is found on the “main” BITS location -> Upload module return “Success” (3) to PST Flight Deck Core and then the next post process module in the order takes care…
  • If the PST file is NOT present on the “main” BITS location -> Upload module returns “Running” (1) to Core. There is implemented an automatic retry mechanism for the post-process module in PST Flight Deck. So in case, any PST file gets stuck in the status “Running” it will be retried automatically based on the setting on each post-process configuration (“Timeout in Minutes”) once the timeout is reached.

It makes sense to enable this module when more BITS upload locations are configured only -> 1  “main” BITS upload server + some other “local” BITS upload server(s). You can configure “local” BITS location(s) for the site(s) with limited network speed (to the PST Flight Deck server where the “main” BITS upload location is configured). Then a user with a limited network connection will upload the pst files to the local BITS upload server -> server located on his site. Once you have enough data to move to the main BITS upload location, then the external disk can be shipped to the main site and the pst files copied to the main BITS upload location (or pst files will be somehow copied to the main upload location; e.g. copied during the night).
To configure BITS upload location, review this article.
After you configured BITS upload location for “main” and some other “local” upload location, you will need to enable post-process Local Upload. As you can see it makes all sense only in case the local upload is the first post-process module in the order (post-process modules configuration).

  • If timeout is set to “-1” -> no timeout is set currently = retry mechanism is disabled. PST file will get stuck “forever”.
  • If timeout is set to some value -> PST file (currently stuck in a particular post process module) will be retried once the timeout is reached.
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