In Nova there are several types of license that can be added to give access to features and services within the product. The Nova System Administrator for your tenant can see the licenses which are assigned, as well as the roles relating to individual users.
This is an example of a screenshot of what the Nova System Administrator might see:

Types of license

The available licenses are as follows:

Delegation & Policy Control

This gives access to the Delegation & Policy Control areas of Nova. It allows administrators to create and manage policies, as well as delegated administrators to perform actions according to those policies, such as changing an end-user password, adding an out-of-office message and so on

Service Availability

This gives access to the service health dashboard with Nova.

Adoption Accelerator

This gives access to the Adoption Accelerator features with Nova. It allows campaigns to be created and monitored whilst they are in progress.

Reporting & Audit

This gives access to the reporting areas of Nova including pre-built reports and the Report Center.

Example of license

As an example, if the Adoption Accelerator license is added, then users of Nova will see the following (provided they have been granted access, and the correct roles assigned):

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