License Policies in Nova give an administrator (or delegated administrator) the ability to assign/remove licenses, as needed, all from within Nova. Plus, Nova gives visibility into exactly how many licenses are used and how many are available. Take a look:

The Nova license policies and reports provide:

  • The ability to apply licenses according to what has been budgeted and what’s required for a specific role
  • The ability to show and hide particular licenses to include (or exclude) them from the report page shown above.
  • Accurate license intelligence when it comes time for budgeting and Office 365 renewal.
  • Delegated license management activities

Similar to other Nova policies, with a license policy you specify who can assign what licenses within a tenant or group. For example, a license policy might enable the Director of Engineering to manage Azure DevOps licenses assigned to users within the Engineering virtual organizational unit.
You can get really granular and specify which workloads from a license you want users to get. For example, if your organization doesn’t use Yammer, you can remove that workload, if desired, before assigning an E5 license to someone. You can also specify how many of a particular license delegated administrators can assign.
Here’s what it looks like when you’re setting up a license policy:

Setting up a license policy

Follow these steps to create a new license policy:

  1. In Nova, go to Manage administration > License policies.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a Name for the policy.
  4. In the Assignment section, with the Delegate to tab selected, click Add.
  5. Select user(s) to whom you’ll delegate the ability to assign licenses according to the policy, and then click Add.
  6. Select the Managed objects tab, and then click Add.
  7. Use the Select type drop-down menu to choose whether the licenses can be applied to certain users, groups, and/or organizational units.
  8. Locate any users/groups/organizational units containing users to which the licenses can be assigned, select them, and click Add
  9. Select the Licenses tab, and then click Add.
  10. Select the tenant containing licenses you’ll add to the policy.
  11. Select the licenses (and specify the maximum number of licenses) and workloads you want those delegated the policy to be able to assign, and then click Add.

After completing these steps, your policy is configured and the user(s) who are delegated the license policy can assign licenses to users specified in the policy.

Hiding licenses

You can hide selected licenses from the licenses report, if desired:And, you can show/hide any hidden licenses by using the toggle option located in the top left of the list.

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