This report shows a breakdown of when users have last changed their password. The information is split into the categories of “within 7 days”, 7 days+, 14 days+, 30 days+, 90 days+, 180 days+, 360 days+ and “never changed their password”. By default, this report is displayed as a pie chart. You can change this to a bar graph by selecting the option to the bottom-right of the chart.

The Data Table

The data table lists the user, their Office 365 subscription, the last time they logged on, the last time they changed their password, and whether their password is set to expire or not. You can add, remove or re-order these columns to display additional information such as the user account was created.
This report can be filtered, allowing you to generate bespoke reports about the OneDrive activity in a particular Department, Country or any other category you choose.
As with all of the reports, this information can be customized, filtered and scheduled.

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