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Upload log files or samples files to the FTP Server



Sometimes when the log files or the sample files are too large to attach to email, there is need to upload them to FTP server. This article explains how you can do it.


To upload large files needed for the investigation, please follow these steps:


1) Open a web browser and navigate to https://ftp.quadrotech-it.com/, it will point you to the Quadrotech’s FTP server.

2) To “Login” please click on the “Login” button in the menu. You should be redirected to the login screen.

3) Use the upload credentials:

Username: upload

Password: only4upload

4) To upload the sample files or log files, click on the “Add files” button, navigate to the directory with the files and click on the open button.

It should start the upload automatically, and you will see the progress, and also the upload finished status.

If you are using a proxy server in your environment, you will need to use an FTP client to upload the files.

NOTE: There is size limitation up to 8 GB, if the file is larger, then please split it by using zip or RAR archive managers.

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Updated on August 27, 2019

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