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Signing up to Radar for Office 365


Signing up to Radar for Office 365 Reports is easy, just complete these three simple steps.

All Office 365 tenants with more than 50 licenced users start off as a trial account and we don’t ask for any credit card details or charge you unless you are completely satisfied with our product.

In order to use Radar for Office 365 Reports we will need to create a service account in your Office 365 tenant.  For more information on what this means and why we need this please visit our How it works page.


1. Create a Radar Reports account

To create a Radar Reports account simply visit our signup page and fill in your details.

2. Review and Accept the Terms of Service

Review our Terms of Service, and once you’re satisfied tick the “I agree” box and click “Continue” to move on to the next step. You can also choose to have them emailed to you as a PDF by clicking the “Email me this” button.

3. Choose your products

In this step you can choose which of Radar Reports’s products you wish to trial.  Simply select or deselect the products by clicking on their logos.


4. Choose your Setup Type

We offer two setup types – Automatic or Manual, which are explained below.  Choose the setup type that best suits your needs.


Automatic Setup

If you choose this signup method we will create all the required service accounts and permissions for you.

Fill in the required fields, including the details of an Office 365 Global Administrator account.  We only use these Administrator details to create the Radar  Reports service account, then we remove these details from our system once the account is created.


Manual Setup

If you do not wish to give us your Global Administrator account details you can choose to create the Radar Reports service account yourself manually.  Once you have created the Service Account manually, enter the details on this page to continue.


5. Collecting Data

Now that you’re all set up we will start collecting data for your reports.  Depending on the size of your tenant this could take several hours.

Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email once the collection has completed and let you know when you can log in and use your reports.

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Updated on November 27, 2019

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