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9.x Release Notes

This article contains Archive Shuttle 9.x release notes. Review the Revision Notes for late breaking news and updates. These notes can also be found on the Quadrotech FTP Server.


  • Upgrade instructions are available here.
  • Remember, special considerations might be necessary when upgrading large item databases.

Archive Shuttle 9.3

The items below were added to Archive Shuttle 9.3.

New Features

The features below were added to Archive Shuttle.

Item Information
35864 New features to Archive Shuttle are now introduced as Preview Features. Preview Features must be enabled to be accessed. Although no Preview Features are currently available, in the future, a new feature will be released for preview before its general availability.


The enhancements below were made.

Item Information
34667 The Lock Active Mapping setting under General System Settings is now enabled by default. Additionally, the setting cannot be changed from the UI. As a result, by default a user is unable to delete mappings when Stage 1 or Stage 2 are incomplete.
35479 A set of PowerShell commands were added to the library to allow Mapping Templates to be set via PowerShell. For more information, see the PowerShell Guide.
35560 ASModule PowerShell commands were improved and additional parameters were added. For more information, see the PowerShell Guide.
35668 Scheduled tasks and maintenance tasks are now part of the AS.Core service.
35798 Enterprise Vault 12.3.2 is now supported. See the Compatibility Guide for a full list of software applications that are compatible with Archive Shuttle.
34743 The handling of users who leave the organization during a migration was enhanced. If a user becomes a leaver and is marked as IsDeleted then a new leaver mailbox is created and data is ingested into this mailbox. For more information, see the Administration Guide.
34857 Enhancements have been made to the Journal Explosion Import from CSV feature to permit more “real world” attributes to be used and an option to update existing mappings or not.

For more information about Journal Explosion, see the Administration Guide.

35193 During Journal Explosion, you can auto-enable certain users and domains for import based on configurable rules.

For more information about Journal Explosion, see the Administration Guide.

35040 Cleaning up the Journal Explosion staging area is now faster and easier. SQL scripts were enhanced. And, a new setting was added (called Time to expire inactive items), which deletes files from the staging area when they’re inactive for more than the number of hours specified.

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements below were made.

Item Information
35494 SQL was optimized, and temporary tables have replaced in statements containing a lot of parameters.
35671 Several performance improvements were made on the Bulk Mapping page.

Archive Shuttle 9.2

The items below were added to Archive Shuttle 9.2.

New Features

The features below were added to Archive Shuttle.

Item Information
34654 Support was added for PST files as a Journal Explosion target.
27924 Templates can be created and assigned to mappings. Currently Virtual Journal mappings are supported.


The enhancements below were made.

Item Information
26175 The ability to create/assign tags directly where they are used was introduced. It’s currently available on these pages:

  • User Information
  • Bulk Mapping
  • Existing Mapping
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2

Additionally, separate tags can now be assigned for a mapping’s source and target containers.

34224 Failed module services now automatically re-start.
34298 The AD Collector module now supports those with complex domain infrastructures by scanning for all readable users in a forest and not just those in the current domain.
34548 The Reports page now shows failed items for moved data associated with the Mapping Archiving (Cargo Bay) feature.
34571 In SourceOne migrations, we enhanced the handling of mappings where the recipient address is in an atypical format.  Now we will try to find recipient addresses somewhere in the message in LegacyDN format and then look those up in the Directory Database to try to resolve them to an SMTP address.
34643 Stage 2 is automatically enabled for mappings without items.

This means that if a mapping has all items filtered out, and effectively has zero items to export and import, the mapping will go straight to stage 2.

34713 Mapping Archiving (Cargo Bay) was enhanced to better manage large mappings and track what was archived within a mapping.
34885 Support added for bulk mapping for PST files archived by SourceOne.
35331 A new PowerShell command (ASStagingAreaCleanup) is now available to clean up the staging area.
35334 In SourceOne migrations, journal collection has been enhanced for better efficiency.
35337 Item Routing and Item Splitting functionality are now part of the Core service.
35672 The Archive Shuttle logo/icon was updated.
35790 The tooltip was enhanced for the option to Delete items without journal explosion import routings.

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements below were made.

Item Information
34742 Queries involving the following functions were refined for improved efficiency

  • Export
  • Import
  • Item routing
  • Folder splitting
  • Close full container task

Archive Shuttle 9.1

The items below were added to Archive Shuttle 9.1.

New Features

The feature below was added to Archive Shuttle.

Item Information
21655 An item collection and item migration scheduler was added to the bulk mapping wizard (for the creation of new mappings) and the ExistingMapping/Stage 1 page (for existing mappings).


The enhancements below were made.

Item Information
33808 The journal explosion feature was enhanced.
34466 Support was added for PST SourceOne archives.
34546 Enterprise Vault 12.3 is supported.
35041 When working with journal explosion, the option to Delete items from staging area after ingest has been eliminated. These two options are now available:

  • Delete items from staging area after initial export
  • Delete items without journal explosion import routings
34347 The Stage 1 page now shows whether a journal explosion eligible mailbox needs provisioning.
34328 Archive Shuttle now indicates whether a user has left the organization in the time since a journal explosion began.
26159 Handling EV shortcut collection for hybrid configurations (for example, when a primary mailbox is on-premises and an archive is in Office 365) has been enhanced.
21668 You can now set configurations and schedules per module.
34206 Cargo Bay functionality introduced in Archive Shuttle 9.0 has been enhanced.
34265 When working with SourceOne archives, a warning message displayed for folder-less items has been moved to the Events tab.
34266 Links page now indicates Cargo Bay (the history item database) existence.
21644 Additional notifications/events display on the System Health page.

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements below were made.

Item Information
34227 Item routing has been separated from export functionality.
34368 Item splitting has been separated from import functionality.

Archive Shuttle 9.0

The items below were added to Archive Shuttle 9.0.

New Features

The features below were added to Archive Shuttle.

Item Information
33978 The Sysconfig window has a new FTP Settings tab that you can use to configure FTP parameters.
34090 On the Stage 1 screen, you can now re-export items from the source if desired. Select whether you want to re-export items that failed to export, failed to import, or both.
33862 A new setting is available called Lock active mapping deletion. By default, the setting is disabled. When enabled, mappings in progress are locked and can’t be deleted until the migration is complete.
33468 We now support Enterprise Vault SMTP journal archives. Enterprise Vault version 11 and higher are supported.
33863 You can now add comments to mappings that are visible on the Stage1 and Existing Mapping screens. Select a mapping to add a comment with up to 256 characters.
33219 You can now send emails with templates. To support this functionality, a new Email Templates page was introduced. Additionally, we adjusted Archive Shuttle Powershell commands to support new parameters (called EmailTemplateId and EmailTemplateName), which allow you to send emails using these templates.


The enhancements below were made.

Item Information
34081 Export to Excel functionality used for generating reports has been improved:

  • On the Failed Items page, the button for exporting an XML report was eliminated and replaced by an option that was added on the existing Export button.
  • Export functionality for different screens was unified.
  • Unnecessary commas previously found on the first line of reports were eliminated.
33458 We adjusted Archive Shuttle PowerShell commands (Add-ASO365LeaversConfiguration, Get-ASO365LeaversConfiguration, Set-ASO365LeaversConfiguration) to support dynamic naming schemes DLNamingScheme and GroupMailboxNamingScheme when used with Journal Explosion.
33816 The Delete ItemRoutingErrorLogs after export or import option is now enabled by default.
33891 The Credential Status grid on the System Health window now has a column that shows the Computer Name.
20550 The Item Collection Details window now displays how many pages/batches have been progressed (for example, 1 of 3 pages finished).
34008 There’s now an event notification icon in the navigation pane to indicate of an issue requiring attention that can be seen in the System Health page.
33621 General System Settings page parameters and groups were rearranged to improve usability.
33396 ZAPArchivePermissions command is now supported for Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migrations.
22152 Archive Shuttle now supports users who have left the organization and returned using the same samaccountname.
24554 You can now customize the name used in Stage 2 RenameSourceArchive command.
19238 The PST format option is now pre-selected automatically and it’s hidden by default on the Add Mappings Wizard and Create Link Wizard.
33864 Two new settings in the EVExport module allow items to be marked as permanently failed after their first failed attempt to export.
26165 Journal archives can be migrated to Office 365 shared mailboxes.
33867 It is possible to specify a recipient for the SendEmailNotification workflow step.
19551 Office 365 Mailboxes now display on the User Information page.

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements below were made.

Item Information
33624 To improve user experience, Existing Mappings, Stage1 and Stage2 pages default to a simplified view.
33333 Various improvements were made to improve the look and functionality of the Performance page.
33641 Item data associated with finished mappings is moved from active tables to a backup database (Cargo Bay) to minimize necessary records within active tables, thus improving performance when you’re interacting with active item data.

Known Issues in Archive Shuttle 9.x

The known issues below should be noted for this release.

Office 365 hold types

As of 1st July 2017 Microsoft is changing the way that legal holds can be used in Office 365. Archive Shuttle currently allows the usage of one, or the other, or both of these types of hold:

  • Litigation Hold
  • In-place hold

From 1st July it is required to use the legal hold type called ‘Litigation Hold’. More information is available in this Microsoft article.

The ‘In-place hold’ may be removed from a future version of the product.

As a further update to this, Microsoft have published a change to this:

“We’ve postponed the July 1, 2017 deadline for creating new In-Place Holds to make a mailbox inactive. But later this year or early next year, you won’t be able to create new In-Place Holds in Exchange Online. At that time, only Litigation Holds and Office 365 retention policies can be used to create an inactive mailbox. However, existing inactive mailboxes that are on In-Place Hold will still be supported, and you can continue to manage the In-Place Holds on inactive mailboxes. This includes changing the duration of an In-Place Hold and permanently deleting an inactive mailbox by removing the In-Place Hold.”

Note: Confer with Microsoft to determine whether the terms of your licensing agreement are impacted by this feature.

Migrations involving folders with leading and trailing spaces

This issue affects only Enterprise Vault migrations (to any supported target). All versions of Enterprise Vault are affected.

A known issue in Enterprise Vault means that leading and trailing spaces in folder names are not provided to Archive Shuttle by the Enterprise Vault API. This can result in mis-named folders in the target environment. Veritas is aware of this issue, but there are no current plans to fix the issue.

SQL CLR Types and Management Objects

SSMS 2017 (CLR Types and Management Objects) are not supported with Archive Shuttle 8.0 and earlier.

If the 2017 versions are installed, Archive Shuttle will not work properly as it could will find supported SSMS dependencies. Errors will be present in the web services log file, and the databases themselves will not be properly created. To resolve the issue it is necessary to uninstall SSMS software from the machine, reboot it and install supported CLR Types and Management Objects.

Important Note

Some components of Archive Shuttle have the capability to perform work using MAPI or EWS. These are:

  • Enterprise Vault collector module (which can collect shortcuts from mailboxes)
  • Shortcut Processing module (which can fix shortcuts, or delete them)

The use of MAPI for these, and other activities, is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of the product.

Note: Ensure migration environments are deployed with EWS configurations.

Supported Source to Target Environment Combinations

The following is a list of the supported source to target combinations:

To read this table you should choose the source from the first column. Once you find the source, move across the row to the right to see if the desired target is supported.

Example: Exchange to EV – is that possible? Go down the left to Exchange, and then move across that row to EV. It says ‘N’. So it is not supported.

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Updated on February 1, 2019

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