The following is a list of the System Configuration options available in Journal Commander.

Setting Description Notes
Delete items from staging are after initial export When enabled items are deleted from the staging area after export. It’s recommended to enable this if there is a small subset of users to be migrated. It reduces the requirements on the size of the staging area.
Delete items without journal explosion import mappings When enabled items that do not have import routings will be deleted from the staging area. It’s recommended to turn this on when all user mappings are enabled for import.
Time to expire inactive items (hours) Default: 0, which means this setting is inactive.
After an item has been imported, but is needed in the future it starts an inactivity timer (it starts at the time of the starting to be imported). If the number of hours specified here is reached, and the item is still inactive, it is deleted from the staging area.
Mailbox Quota Exceeding Threshold (%) Default: 95%. Ingesting items will stop if this percentage against quota is exceeded. Ingest will resume if the quota is increased, or the mailbox size is reduced. WHICH QUOTA?
Ingest users with most items first Default: Enabled. Start import to users which have most items to process.
Skip items which DO not belong to user mapping Default: Enabled. When enabled items which are older than the user will not be ingested into the target. This setting does not apply to leavers, re-created users and manually mapped users.
Enable All SMTP Addresses Discovered Upon Exploding Default: Enabled. When enabled all SMTP addressed discovered during the explosion process will be automatically enabled for further processing. This setting is ignored if the list of domains is specified.
List of Accepted Domains Only the list of domains specified here will be automatically enabled for further processing. Specify one domain per line. If this list is altered during a migration, it will only affect future explosion of items, not the existing items.
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