Ports used by Journal Commander

The following table shows the network communication ports used by Journal Commander. These ports are provided for reference for the situation where a firewall exists between the source and target environments in the archive migration.


SOURCE Destination Port(s) Description
Module Servers Journal Commander Server TCP 80 (HTTP)
HTTP/S Communication from Modules to Journal Commander Servers1
Export / Import Module Servers Storage Servers (CIFS Shares) TCP 445 (CIFS) Access to CIFS Shares2
Journal Commander Server SQL Server TCP 1433 (MSSQL) Access to Microsoft SQL Server hosting the Journal Commander databases
Journal Commander Server DNS Servers UDP 53 (DNS) Access to DNS for Windows
Journal Commander Server Domain Controllers TCP 88 (Kerberos)
TCP 445 (CIFS)
Access to Domain Controllers for Windows
Enterprise Vault Module Servers Enterprise Vault Servers Please see your Enterprise Vault documentation on what ports are needed for the Enterprise Vault API to talk to Enterprise Vault
Office 365 Module Servers Office 365 TCP 443 (HTTPS) HTTPS communication from Journal Commander Office 365 Module to Office 365

1 If the Journal Commander core is configured to use HTTPS, then port 443 needs to be open on any firewalls. If the core is configured to use HTTP, then port 80 needs to be open on any firewalls.
2 Please note that this is also supported through SMB 2 and SMB 3.

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