Sizing and Scaling

Determining the requirements on your Journal Commander project will depend on the following factors.


Volume based scaling can be achieved if there are no complexities within your environment. If there are complexities, then solutions need to be adequately architected to take all project needs under consideration.

Quantity of messages

Information coming soon.

Number & type of source servers (in scope)

Information coming soon.

Number of archives (in scope)

Information coming soon.

Location of data within your environment

Information coming soon.


Below is how to implement your Journal Commander project.

Configuration Requirements

Information coming soon.

Creation of Accounts

Information coming soon.

Test Access

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

Download Media

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.


The source and target of your project will be determined on module dependencies. These dependencies will determine the minimum requirements for your software.

Service Accounts

For information on service accounts in Journal Commander, click here.

.Net requirements

The following modules require .NET Framework 4.6.1:

  • EVCollectorModule40
  • ExchangeExportModule
  • ExchangeImportModule
  • ImageMasterModule
  • ImapModule
  • Office365Module
  • NativeformatImportModule
  • NativeFormaMapiImportModule
  • PowerShellModule
  • PowerShellScriptExecutionModule
  • ShortcutProcessModule40

Note: The Office 365 module requires PowerShell v3 and the Azure AD Commandlets and may need to be installed on some operating systems.
If the module installer does not find this prerequisite on the system where it is being run it will provide an option to connect to the Internet in order to download it.

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