Module Machine

The user’s account will need to be the Vault Service Account and have local admin permissions on any machine we are installing modules on and on the staging area(s).

More information coming soon.


Global Administrator

Configure Application Impersonation

Quadrotech recommends that you use Modern Authentication (OAuth) for your Journal Commander project. To learn more about oAuth with Journal Commander, check out this article.

With Basic Authentication, we recommend you have at least 5 service accounts for Application Impersonation. One account in the Credentials Editor needs to be a Global Administrator account. It can be one of the accounts with application impersonation, or another account. The Global Administrator account needs to be able to authenticate using basic authentication. Steps on how to authorize under basic authorization can be found here.

For more on Application Impersonation, see the Microsoft article linked here.

An article on how to have customized administrative rights in Journal Commander can be found here.


The installation account should be a DB_Creator, and should maintain DB Owner rights over any of its DBs.

SQL information for Journal Commander is relevant for those who are installing Core. Information on this can be found here. Quadrotech maintains SQL for your environment if you are installing within the cloud.

Office 365 Module

Information on Office 365 Modules in Journal Commander can be found here.

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