This article contains Journal Commander 1.x release notes. Please note that the Archive Shuttle release notes might contain new features, enhancements, and performance improvements that impact Journal Commander.

Journal Commander 1.0

New Features

The features below were added.

Item Information
87015 Address discovery is now available. It allows you to quickly collect sender and recipient information associated with a message and prioritize the export accordingly. Learn more here.


The enhancements below were made.

Item Information
These enhancements also apply to Journal Commander 1.0.
90263 Invalid or changed addresses are now handled as part of remediation processes. More here.
90076 Automatic “Merge by Preview” action is now available. When enabled, all leaver mappings that are available for merge by preview are automatically enabled. Learn more here.
90789 The mailbox quota check process was enhanced.
93330 Storage of item sender recipients was changed.
94146 It’s now possible to retry actions for failed mapping remediations. Here’s more.
59025 Handling of long SMTP addresses was enhanced. Learn more here. 

Performance Improvements

The performance improvements below were made.

Item Information
These performance improvements also apply to Journal Commander 1.0.
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