If you have forgotten the password to access Nova or you want to reset the password you use to access Nova, there are several options open to you. Which you should follow will depend on how your login is configured. The options will be explained below:

Not using SSO and already logged in

If you are not using Single Sign On (SSO) and you’re already logged in you can reset your password as follows:

  • Click up at the top right on your profile icon

  • Click on the ‘My Account’ link

  • Click on the ‘Security’ tab

If you are unsure if you are using SSO the steps above can be followed, but the user profile page which appears will look like this, and will not have the security tab which is mentioned above:

Not using SSO, and trying to login

If you are not using Single Sign On (SSO) and have forgotten your password, and are therefore unable to login, you should enter your login username, eg:

And then on the second screen, you will see a ‘Forgot password?’ link. Follow that link to reset the password.

Using SSO, and trying to login

If you are using Single Sign On (SSO) and trying to login after entering your login username, you will be redirected to authenticate against Azure Active Directory (AAD). In order to reset your password at this point you should refer to your company/organization procedures, as the ability to reset passwords is governed by your policies.
So if you enter your login username, on a screen like this:

And you are redirect to your Azure Active Directory (AAD) page like this:

The process to change or reset your password is governed by your organization, and is not part of the Nova application.

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