PST shows status of Partially ingested and Failback option is used.
There is couple of reasons presently identified why Failback message can’t be ingested and set PST file to Ingest Blocked state.

1) The resultant Failback message is too big

This problem can be solved by

  • Increasing the limit for item size to be ingested to target
  • Set size filter for the Extraction module, e.g. Filter designed to remove items larger than 25 MB: item.Size>26214400 ()

2) Target mailbox is already full
This problem can be solved by

  • Moving Old items to archive or archive mailbox,
  • Increase the limits placed on the target
  • Delete unwanted or useless data
  • Ensure you review and address size constraints prior to enablement

Should you need more details how Ingestion works with Failback, please read this KB article:

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