PST Flight Deck (FD) has some safety mechanisms built-in to prevent the total depletion of disc space.
Switch to the Limited mode is one such mechanism.

FD monitors the total size of files for users uploading concurrently. If this value reaches a configured threshold, FD will switch to Limited mode.
When in “Limited Mode” BITS upload is reduced as well as the number of work items processed by disk expensive modules (Backup, Repair, Extraction).
An indication, that FD is in “Limited Mode” can be found in Manage>Events  and is reported by Operator Events as follows:
“We have reached the Maximum number of Gigabytes (1) allowed to be uploaded concurrently. Size of USER’s PST files which are considered to be upload         candidates: XYZ Mb”

You can also see the change in status flag color (from green to red) in Settings>Location>Edit Location button

The situation should be resolved automatically when FD processes enough files and make enough space available.
This is not feasible in many cases because it takes time and operators want FD to work at full capacity immediately.
There are a few steps which should be done to resolve this situation:
1) Make sure there is enough space in the Upload location
2) Increase the size of the Maximum Upload size. If there is enough space it can be increased to a reasonable limit reflecting free disc space (default is 250 GB)

3) When Limited mode is used it reduces the number of work items in modules, which are disk expensive. (Backup, Repair, Extraction)
The ingestion module is not limited as it can free the disk space.

When FD gets out of Limited mode previously used values are restored for limited modules.
Maximum Upload Size – Total size of concurrent uploads that can be performed by all Migration Agents
Be aware, that FD holds another similar setting in Settings>Environment>Advanced tab. This is the default setting, which is not relevant once Location is defined. Any changes here in normal FD operation will have no effect on FD Limited mode.

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