If Archive Shuttle is unable to import data into Native Format (PST) just for some mappings, the following steps can be executed, which may help to solve the issue:
In this case we recommend to check if ‘MailNativeSubContainerId’ is assigned to all routed items, which should be imported into PST file. You should not get ‘NULL’ value in column MailNativeSubContainerId with the SQL query below. Run the query on appropriate Archive Shuttle Item database.
SQL query to use:
SELECT [MailNativeSubContainerId], COUNT(ir.itemid) as 'Routed num items'
FROM [ItemRouting] ir
LEFT JOIN [ItemRoutingNativeMailSubContainer] sc
ON ir.ItemRoutingId = sc.ItemRoutingId
WHERE ContainerMappingId=x
group by [MailNativeSubContainerId]
If you notice the value ‘NULL’ in the column MailNativeSubContainerId for appropriate ‘Routed num items’ you might need to execute one of the following steps:
1) Run routing manually for appropriate mapping for which import into Native Format (PST) has not started and monitor it for 10-15 minutes to see if import started to work.
Update ContainerMappingContentOperations SET RunRoutingNow = 1 where ContainerMappingID = xx
If you still will have the issues with import into Native Format (PST)  read and follow this article: Troubleshoot Native Format Import (PST) Issues and which information should be sent to Support to investigate the issue.

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