When reviewing migrated users you may notice, that the Collected Count and Exported Count is greater than the Source Item Count in Archive Statistics.
The item count discrepancy between Archive Statistics and Migration Information can be visible, e.g. via User Information page in Archive Shuttle for appropriate user.
See screenshots below as an example:

In case you will notice the discrepancy we advise to check if there are Enterprise Vault Deleted Items on the appropriate archive.
It is called “Number of items marked for deletion“. To check this you need to go to Enterprise Vault Administration Console, find the archive, select properties and tab Deleted Items. Check if the count of the items marked for deletion is exactly the same as the discrepancy you have discovered.
See screenshot below as an example:

The items marked for deletion in the Enterprise Vault archive are not included in Archive Statistics Item Count, which can be seen via the User Information page.
Another way to check the “Number of items marked for deletion” is to use the following query:
Select * from journaldelete where archiveid = 'xxx' and DeletionReason = 1

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