An import module may log Chain of Custody error, similar as following:

2015-10-01 13:36:32Z|2712| 46| INFO|  CheckHash|*****  Chain of Custody Alert. Target MD5-Hash is 91db0662eeb081fdfd67670e213922d7 instead of a9a2edb5dbb3e8a081875ad82be9ac19 | File: \\HOSTNAME\StagingArea\LinkID\ContainerId\ContainerMappingID\ItemId
2015-10-01 13:36:32Z|2712| 46| INFO|  CheckHash|*****  Aborting Import. Retry handled by core.


The most likely the cause of this error is in-memory virus scanning on the EV server. If a virus scanner touches already exported item, new hash does not correspond with the expected one and a Chain of Custody alert is created during the import.
To avoid this

  • disable in-memory scanning in the virus scanning software on the EV source server, or
  • set EV Export Storage setting in EV Export Module configuration screen to FileSystem, rather than to Memory.
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