FD Admin console becomes unresponsive after canceling user filter (UserEntryID on Manage>Users screen) and the exception is thrown after grid update timeout:

System.InvalidOperationException: Invalid entry in User Grid
 at QUADROtech.PSTFlightDeck.SME.UI.Manage.Controllers.ManageUsers.OnMasterRowEmptyEvent(Object sender, MasterRowEmptyEventArgs e)
 at QUADROtech.PSTFlightDeck.SME.UI.Manage.Controls.ManageUsersControl.UsersGridView_MasterRowEmpty(Object sender, MasterRowEmptyEventArgs e)
 at DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.GridView.RaiseMasterRowEmpty(MasterRowEmptyEventArgs e)

Exception was observed after the execution of these steps:

1) Load a layout on Manage>User screen
2) Select a file on Manage>File screen
3) Right click on the file and select Show user
4) Clear the filter by clicking the X next to UserEntryID
5) The Admin Console becomes unresponsive and after a timeout it throws an exception


1) Go to Manage>Users from menu choose Layout
2) Press Load and choose layout causing issue
3) From list of commands on selected layout choose Delete
4) Do steps 1-3 for all layouts causing problems (created in older version of PST Flight Deck)
5) Create new layouts

More information
This behavior was observed after an upgrade of PST Flight Deck. Components used for the data grid stores in layouts with ID’s, that are no longer valid after upgrade.

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