It may happen that EV Export module will treat all items as folder-less. If such scenario happens it’s recommended to check items in EV SQL if they have the Storage Path Id.

This article describes how to troubleshoot the issue when the storage path for items is present in EV SQL but EV Export is unable to collect it.


Below are scenarios of how Archive Shuttle will behave if EV Export module cannot get storage path for items.

  • If Folder name for folder-less items is not set the EV Export will not run. 
  • If Folder name is set EV export module will export all folder-less items to folder which is specified in System Configuration. 

You can find more information about how to handle folder-less items at: https://info.quadrotech-it.com/knowledge-base/handling-folder-less-items-with-archive-shuttle/


Check exported items that have StoragePathId with null value by running [dbo].[Item]

If the StoragePathId is null and the storage path exists  in Enterprise Vault.
It’s recommended to have Collect Extended Metadata option turned on. 
You can find the option in System Configuration -> EV Collector Module 

By default the option is turned off and collection of Storage path for items is done by EV Export module. 
By enabling Collect Extended Metadata setting the collection of Storage path will be done by EV Collector module using EV API instead of EV Export module.
The downside of using this approach is the performance penalty described in following KB: https://info.quadrotech-it.com/knowledge-base/info-folder-path-migration-filter-incurs-a-performance-penalty/


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