Follow these steps to set up the Outlook app on your Android device and sync your contacts.

Install the Outlook app

1. On your mobile device, tap the Play Store icon to open the app.


2. In the search bar, type Outlook and tap Microsoft Outlook. You’ll see this information:


3. Tap Install and wait for the app to install.

4. Tap Open.

5. When the Outlook app opens, tap Get Started.

6. You’ll be prompted to add an account. Follow the steps to set up you work email address.

7. If you’re prompted to choose the account type, select Office 365.

8. When asked if you want to add another account now, tap Skip (shown below).


9. Outlook will prompt you to enable notifications, and you will then enter your mailbox.


Sync contacts

Next, if desired, sync your contacts from Outlook to your mobile device’s Contacts app:

1. Open the Outlook app.

2. Tap the hamburger menu (shown below).

3. Tap the gear icon (shown below).


4. Enable the Sync contacts option (shown below).


5. Tap Allow to confirm you want to sync your contacts.

Note: Only people you’ve added to your My Contacts list in Outlook are synced, not your organization’s Global Address List.

Note: Click here to see instructions for installing the Outlook app on an iPhone or iPad.

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